About Us

The All Assam Transgender Association was formed on 25th Dec 2015, recently after the Honourable Supreme court verdict on Transgender..
(NALSA vs U.O.I)/WRIT PETITION (Civil):- 400 of 2012 & WRIT PETITION (Civil):- 604 of 2013.

The Association was not given any registration under the Societies Act, the then govt. with an excuse that, this will highly disturb the society & it's peace. But even though the deprived community built this association to fight for their right, dignity & prestige; under ARTICLE 19(c) of the Part-III of the constitution of INDIA, which provides freedom to form Union & Association. Throughout the territory of India.
With the hope of livelihood & establishment of rights, the community formed this Association in the name & style.. "All Assam Transgender Association".
Later on, this Association was supported by many legal counsels of Higher court & Supreme court of the country along with renowned Medical practitioners.

This association has formed not only to hold up its rights but for the purposes of helping the helpless. As mentioned the association is providing free legal counselling & steps to those being mentioned below:
#Women victims of Domestic Violence, Rape, Trafficking.
#Children victims of Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse, Child Labourers.
#Transgender & Transsexual victims of Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse or Rape.

The Transgender community of Northeast India has always been sidelined by the other TG communities of Indian states & were never invited to any valuable discussion or meeting because the other TGs of other states remaining highly influential to higher authorities, International Trust & NGOs. For which, as a result, the community of Northeast always being sidelined & marginalised; and remains empty hand to maintain their Fooding, Clothing etc. Therefore, this Association is formed to deal with all those issues & will forward it's helping hand to maintain the dignity, prestige & respect of the TGs & of Northeast India.